Day 1.9 – Winnie Park


I’m making this entry from my phone tonight. I decided early this week to come home for the weekend to spend sometime with my dad. However, my dad has different sleep hours from me and when he gets tired and goes to bed for the night is around the time that I really start to perk up. So after a great day spent with my dad shopping, watching movies and eating chili cheese dogs I was left alone with a litre of pepsi and a butt ton of movies.

The first movie I put on was “Clerks II” and I seriously laughed so hard that I may or may not have peed myself a little bit. I love being home for this very reason: I can do weird stuff like nearly pee all over our furniture, talk to the dead deer heads on our walls (2 of which I recall are record holders) and watch movies where if I laughed at them in an social situation…well, let’s say that most people wouldn’t approve of what I was laughing at. Though mostly I giggled at the fact that my mom came home in the middle of the donkey show scene and we cuddled up on the couch while the movie played on and talked about our days. I also got a goodly dose of affection.

Then she went to bed and I decided to watch “South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut” despite the fact that I’ve seen it at least 100 times and can recite many of the scenes off by heart and like to sing the songs whenever I get bored.

While singing the opening song to this move I realized that I realized that there is only one other movie that I can recite and easily sing along to and that’s “The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh”. The original one where there is a Windsday, Pooh Sticks and Eeyore gets a useful pot to put things in. Any new Winnie the Pooh sucks…especially anything made after the voice of Tigger died. Upon this realization I stopped and wondered what this sort of thing says about me. Is it indicative of anything?

Then I got up and stole two of my moms fudge covered vanilla wafer thingies because they were yummy.

Though I still have to wonder what my movie watching habits say about me. Maybe my love for two polar opposite cartoons is just an uber symbol for the duality of man that exists in everyone?

I asked the deer heads and they all gave me these very shiny eyed stares that asked the question “why are you asking four dead deer on a wall your all consuming life questions?”

They seem to prefer gossip than anything else. As a result of their indifference to my question I shall make like Pooh Bear and return to my thoughtful spot and “think, think, think.”


One thought on “Day 1.9 – Winnie Park

  1. 1, remember ass to mouth is okay.
    2, funny is funny. If people don’t think something is funny and you do, your both right. Just try and be respectful.

    If a clown was hit by a safe (being raised in to a 4th story apartment) that happens to be filled with pies. I will be choking down tears even if the family is letting them fly. but not for the same reason.

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