Day 2.7 – Purple, Purple and More Purple


My favorite colour in the whole entire world is purple. I currently have purple bangs, purple toenails, purple eyeshadow and purple potato’s. Yes, purple potato’s. I made purple hashbrowns today for my lunch and I was beyond excited to be having purple food. Naturally this reminded of about a year and a half ago when one of my friends/teammates brought purple vegetables to a fundraising lunch we were cooking. I remember purple carrots and purple potato’s that I freaked over. I was delirious to be making purple food.

And now that I’ve been reminded that purple vegetables exist, I want to make purple food. I actually have a great idea for the first thing that I’d make!

It would be Cream of Purple Potato Soup! I actually have a really yummy and easy recipe that I love and use every other week to make normal Potato Soup, so it would be really easy to make it with mostly purple ingredients and have PURPLE SOUP!

Note: This isn’t to be mistaken with “Purple Stew”. That’ has purple tomato’s which therefore makes it yucky.

I think as soon as I can find the ingredients, I’ll make this wonderful purple concoction. Interested? This is my recipe for Cream of Purple Potato Soup! Or can it be Cream of Purple Potato Awesomesauce?


  • Purple potato’s
  • Purple onion’s
  • Celery
  • Purple carrot’s
  • Butter
  • Milk
  • Flour
  • Pepper (and salt if you’re a salt user)


  1. Dice up the purple potato’s, purple carrot’s and half the celery and toss them in a pot of hot water to cook – In this case I’d leave the potato’s with their skin’s for more purple awesomesauce
  2. Chop up your purple onions and the rest of your celery – you want these to be in smaller chunks than your other ingredients
  3. Mix together your flour and milk until all the clumpies are gone


  1. Cook your potato’s and other stuff until the potato’s are done – I like to cook my potato’s until they are very soft so they mash up in the later processes
  2. When the potato’s are as soft and done as you want them, strain your potato’s and stuff off into a separate pot – I put a put in the sink with a strainer on top then dump my potato’s and stuff into that
  3. In my now empty but still hot original pot toss in the butter with your celery and purple onions and cook until the onions are soft. At this point I add my pepper to taste to let that flavor incorporate into my onions and stuff.
  4. Add the milky flour mixture at some point during that process and really stir it all in there
  5. When that is all said and done, add your purple potato’s and stuff back to the mixture and stir it all in
  6. Slowly start adding what is now the purple potato and stuff mixture to the old pot until you have a consistency that you like
  7. Let that all sit for a little while to cook all together then enjoy whenever you want

Ok, so this recipe isn’t an exact science and it kind of turns out different every time I try it (Naturally it’s just normal veggies instead of purple ones, but it’s the same idea), but the general idea always turns out amazing. I love it.


2 thoughts on “Day 2.7 – Purple, Purple and More Purple

  1. One of my favorite ties is purple.
    I had no idea that there are purple carrots.
    This sounds good! Potato soup is always good on a cold day. I will abstain from wearing a white shirt while eating that particular soup.
    Though I might wear that tie!

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