Day 5.6 – I always forget something


I moved away from home the August after I finished high school. I was 18, I’d packed and loaded up my Uncle’s truck that we were borrowing with all of my stuff. I had everything that I could possibly need living away from home. Teddy bears, blankets, my blankie that I needed to sleep at night and pretty much everything out of my bedroom except for my bed and bedroom door. With all of that in the truck, I was ready to move away from home and start my journey as a pseudo-adult who lived on her own.I kissed my dad goodbye and me, my mom and my sister were on our way.

Or at least we were until we stopped in town to get money out of the bank and my dad drop up behind us.

He approached the truck and leaned in the window and asked if I had everything.

I replied that yes, I did.

Then he asked what I was going to wear.

I replied clothes and turned around to look in the back of the truck and noticed that the suitcase and bags that I’d packed with my clothes weren’t there. I’d forgotten to pack my clothes! All of them. As in, I was on my way to university that was 400km away from my home without any clothes except for what I had on my back. No shirts, no pants, no underwear, no socks. And I needed my socks!

So we turned around, drove back home, picked up my clothes that were packed and waiting for me and we were off again.

Ever since then I seem to have a habit of always forgetting something. No matter how many times I come back to the west coast of BC I have managed to forget to something, be it little, barely noticeable or integral to my existence, I forget one or two or many things. The point is, something always gets left behind. These things include: my dorm room keys, make-up, rugby boots, birth control, a favorite shirt, cell phone charger, glasses, basketball shoes, jackets, pants, my favorite teddy bear, Zoodle, hair ties, head bands, mittens and my wallet.

My mom drove me back to school today and after unpacking and making a right mess of my hobo hole, I came to realize that I’d forgotten two of the things that I really need and want in my life. The first was my Cartman (from South Park) pillow that is soft and covered with my drool so it’s perfect for sleeping on. The second was my iPod touch which has all of my music and is needed so that I don’t kill the people around me when I’m stuck in transit and need something to keep me amused while I wait for my bus or get stuck sitting next to another stinky person.

Sadly when my dad finds out he’s going to call me and tell me that he asked if I had my iPod. Which I thought I had. I was darn certain that it was in my little backpack. Apparently it wasn’t so dad gets to gloat because I forgot something even though he took the time go go everything that I could possibly have forgotten.

As I was heading down the steps to load up the car he asked me if I had my birth control, my books, my chargers, my phone, my iPod, my clothes and everything else that I usually forget to pack. Dad and I do this every single time as I head out the door to leave home once again and every single time I wind up getting a phone call from dad asking me to name what I forgot and then he teases me for forgetting whatever it is that I’ve forgotten.

Someday, I’ll remember everything…but today was not that day.


2 thoughts on “Day 5.6 – I always forget something

  1. I am having issues with forgetfulness with my own son. Think i might have to make him a check list like i had when i was flying.

    backpack, check.
    Homework folder, check
    Homework in the homework folder, check?
    Turn in Homework hour one, ?
    Turn in Homework hour two, ?

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