Day 3.6 – The Scene Was Set


I remember this moment from a few years back…

The scene was set. The street was empty and everything on the little stip of street was closed. There wasn’t a soul in sight and it was like stepping back in time. Back to a place where I was young, fake and was running the easy life. This could have been what my town would look like the day after it’d been abandoned. Empty. Quite. Ever so still. It seriously would have been a creepy thing to walk through alone in that moment. Everything seemed to be waiting for something to happen.

The scene was set. And this is where I came into play. Me, in my dads blue and white bronco driving down the “main street” of my small town. I had both the windows down and the stereo was blasting out “Get Down” by Busta Rhymes. Naturally I was doing the speed limit because I was paranoid and sure that my dad had spies everywhere and would know the instant I dared to speed. So doing the goofy 50km/per hour in my empty/dead small town was the name of the game as I pulled up to the little complex that held our bank and insurance company. I needed to get $20 out on my credit card to pay for gas.

I pulled up, shut off the truck, jumped out and darted into the ATM machine then came out and just as I was getting into the Bronco, I saw a little flash of fleshy white stuff across the street. Seeing what I saw was almost totally creepy. I actually stood there like an idiot wondering if something horrible was about the happen because this sight is something that would be a precursor to something horrible happening in some scary movie. And if it were a movie I was watching there would be some scary music playing as my movie self stood there looking across the street and my movie watching self would be crawling into someones lap because this was the first intense part of the movie.

Instead I just stood there as some butt ass naked baby ran across the street, not making a sound. Though he more wandered than ran about. It was really weird watching this sun burnt baby walk in circles and not really knowing where he came from or where he should be. I knew there were houses down the street he was on, I just didn’t know from which house he was. Instead I got back into my dad’s Bronco and drove off.

The scene was set and I left it because I didn’t want to be the star of my own scary movie.


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