Day 2.6 – Tops Thursday (Top Search Terms)


I’ve decided to add something to help my writing called “Tops Thursday”. I figure every Thursday I will make a “Tops” list and post it. Top favorite books, top favorite foods, top whatever I happen to be thinking about that day. In keeping this up at least I’ll have something to write every Thursday. This weeks tops are going to be the Top 5 Search Terms that have lead people to my blog!

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5. “Is dating older men ok?” – I honestly wonder if the 5 people who searched that line and found me found my blog even remotely helpful.To answer this question: I happen to think that dating older men is ok. I mean as long as it’s a healthy and mutually satisfying relationship, what’s the big deal? As long as you’re ok with it, then there really is no “big deal”. Unless of course you happen to be an 16 year old dating anyone out of their teens, but I think that teenagers are too dumb to be allowed to drive, have sex or even walk the streets unattended in some cases. Yes, I realize that I was a teen once too, but I shouldn’t have been allowed to drive and the one time that I almost had sex I almost did it without a condom until I heard my basketball coach’s voice in my head threatening to make me do a 5km run daily if I gave out some love with no glove. And since then, I’ve met teens that are heaps more stupid than I ever was! With that completely weird point aside, I more or less think that age is just a number if you find yourself asking if it’s ok to date older men, then it probably isn’t or you’d be doing it already.

4. “Dating old men” – I really do feel bad that people are finding my shenanigans when they’re searching the internet. I’m sure it’s not all what they want, but I hope they get a laugh out of my shenanigans with dating older men.

3. “Chili cheese dogs” – I have never ever written about chili cheese dogs. However, I have written about how my dog likes cheese on his chili to the point where he won’t eat chili unless it has cheese on it. I’m sure someone was looking for a recipe or something and instead wound up reading a story about my silly dog.We actually had chili tonight for dinner and my dogs each got their own bowl of chili and rice (we don’t make our chili spicy at all, just FYI) and Moose didn’t even look at his chili that had cheese mixed into it until I sprinkled some cheese over top of it too. He didn’t eat it, but at least he looked at it.

2. “Tangents” – This is a math term, I believe so it’s absolutely hilarious that someone trying to find what a tangent is would eventually find a link for my blog.

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1. “Buy trucker pills” – This one is by far my favorite! There is an excerpt from a novel that I wrote a few years ago on here that talks about buying trucker pills, but again I do no think that my blog is what these people were looking for. Maybe I should point out that I’ve purchased trucker pills from 7/11 and have found some good ones over the counter in Shoppers Drug Mart? Both pills are good though the ones from Shoppers comes from their pharmacy section and usually pep me right up and keep me bopping around all day but lead to a crash that makes me look like I’m in a coma for several hours. Believe me, I’ve had many a night where I’ve popped a trucker pill and pulled an all nighter sucking back on energy drinks are various intervals and working on one essay or project or another.

There it is! My first entry for “Tops Thursday”! Join in next week as I list my top…something. Yup, something. I’ll think of something before then I’m sure and if not…then I’ll make something up!


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