Day 2.5 – 3 Steps to a Clean Room


I'm a few steps off from having my own episode on "Hoarders"...Since graduating high school, I have moved away from home, back to home, in with one roommate then in with another roommate and back home more times than I can count. I’ve lived in dorms, 1 bedroom basement suits, 2 bedroom basement suites, studio suites and, of course, the three bedroom house that is my childhood home. Now living in those places, my main living space is usually my bedroom. Unless I’m living at home with my parents, my bedroom is the space where I do my homework, eat most meals, watch TV, entertain guests, plot to take over the world and sometimes sleep. This is  mostly because that no matter where I’ve lived, my bedroom is always my space. It is not a shared space like a kitchen in dorms is, or like a bathroom is that you share with a roommate. Nope, my bedroom is all mine and as a result of being more than just a bedroom, my room is always a mess.

And since my room is always a mess, I’ve perfected a three-step cleaning method over the years that works for both quick clean-ups to the most thorough of jobs where when all is said and done you can eat off any surface in my room. I’ll be honest though, I really do hate cleaning so most times I rarely make it past…

Step One: Clean off your bed. This is the most important step because a person’s bed is usually the “centerpiece” of any bedroom. At any rate, the bed is usually the biggest piece of furniture so if you can clean and tidy up your bed, it will be one huge step towards making your bedroom look like a nice place to sleep rather than a tornado’s playground. This means putting everything on your bed in its proper place: For me that means all books go back on the book shelf, any plates or cups in my room go out to the kitchen to be cleaned and I make my bed. Then I put away all of the other crap that I may have accumulated in bed while doing my nesting thing. Picking up all of the knick knacks and thinga-ma-jigs off my bed leads me to…

Step Two: Picking up all the thinga-ma-jigs and whosits on my bedroom floor. Cleaning my bedroom floor is the second biggest step to making my bedroom look habitable. Some might think a clean floor is a bigger deal than a clean bed, but it isn’t. If your bed is clean then there is a nice tidy space to sit, sleep and hang out. A floor can be messy as long as major pathways are clean. However, just by picking up my laundry and major whosits off my floor, my room looks fairly neat and tidy. Basically I just put everything where it belongs and suddenly my room less like a war zone and more like a living space.

Naturally the entire time I’m cleaning my room, I can hear my mom’s voice in my head asking me how I made just a friggin’ big mess and I wind up giggling to myself and saying “Oh the genius of me” because if I’ve made it to Step Two in cleaning my room, I’ve probably been cleaning for over half an hour and now have a neat and made up bed, books are in their place on my book shelves, laundry is in the hamper and all the other stuff that I like to use that winds up on my floor (it’s easier to find there) is back in it’s place. However, at this point my room is still not completely clean and looking like a decent human being inhabits the space so I start on…

Step Three: Sweet, dust and put everything else back in it’s spot. You see in my world, lots of things end up on my floor. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, everything is easier to find when it’s on the floor. You always know where stuff is this way. Sadly, everything being on the floor makes me look like a scary hoarder so I try to clean a little bit here and there. I rarely, if ever, make it to step three, but when I do this means that not only is everything in my room being moved back to its proper spot but everything is getting a good cleaning too so that my room smells like a cleaning chemical of some sort and everyone around will think that I’m almost a neat freak until…

I realize that with everything back in its proper space, I can’t find anything and wind up throwing it all back on my floor again until I can get what I want and toss it on my bed.


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