Day 2.4 – Another excerpt


I’ve started editing and finding little bits of genius that I’ve collected throughout the very first novel that I ever wrote. It’s called “Endless Nights” and is full of little nuggets of win mixed with chunks of me trying to hit the 50,000 word count that National Novel Writing Month requires. This particular gem is based off of real-life experience with my younger sister. Parts of it actually happened while the other parts are completely fictional to fit the purpose of this novel. See if you can guess which are fictional and which aren’t.

One night on a random team trip to a 7/11 I discovered an awesome package of pills advertising mental alertness and 5 hours of nonstop energy. It was love at first sight.

That night was an adventure like I’d never had before. My blood was pumping through my veins and my heart was racing a mile a minuet and I swore that I could run, jump and fly just like Super Mario could. I just needed the right cape.

Ever since then I’ve kept a good stock of trucker pills in my purse and in my cupboards at home. You never know when you’ll need a boost, after all. It just sucks the effects have worn off a bit since that awesome 16 year old night.

That was the same year we had discovered energy drinks.

I also think that was the same year we had discovered our love for hotel Bible’s and started a collection of them. One night Tinka drank three Red Bulls, and ate 40 pixie sticks which are basically straws full of flavoured sugar. I returned to our hotel room to find her sitting cross legged on her bed, rocking back and forth while reading the Bible.

“This is some good shit!” She yelled as I walked in the room. “They got something for everyone in here!”

“Yeah, and they make great weapons too.” Stupid thing to say to my sister who was slightly paranoid about the end of the world and was forever stock piling stuff just incase the end of the world came.

“Yes, weapons! We should collect them and save them and then use them as cannon fuel should someone try to attack the house!” At this point the Bible in her hands disappeared into her sports bag and she took off out of our room yelling we needed more Bibles.

Today, 5 years later, we have about 300 Bibles stored up in my room. We hide them from our parents in shoeboxes and old sports bags we don’t use. I think our mom knows about approximately 50 of our stolen Bibles.


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