Day 3.2 – I don’t feel like it!


I don’t feel like writing. I haven’t felt like writing all day. Honestly, I am just not in the mood to write much of anything. I have lots of ideas about what I want to write like tonight’s Southern Presidential Candidate debate, SOPA, prostitution, bondage, abortion, euthanasia, sock monkeys, the fact that I almost got ran over yesterday, the mouse in my house and so much else…but I just don’t feel like writing.

I think that it’s because I cleaned my suite today…Cue my mom yelling that I’m going to cause a snow storm because I cleaned. I picked up everything off the floor, put it in its proper place or shoved it in my closet if it didn’t have one and then I swept my floors, “mopped” my floors and made my bed. Personally, I think the cleaning killed my urges to write. It’s just…boring. Whenever I have to clean I just feel everything get drained out of me and I have no real will to be creative. Especially if I have to do dishes.

However, while we’re on the topic of cleaning, you’re probably wondering how I “mopped” my floors. Well, I don’t have a traditional mop to clean my floors with, nor do I have one of those Swifter wet thingers. So when I mop my floors I take my Lysol disinfected wipes and crawl all over my floors wiping up my floors. It’s actually really fun as I crawl and sprawl my way around my bedroom and my kitchen. It entertains me as I pretend to be some freaky monster that is attacking all the dust bunnies trying to invade my home.

At the end of it all though, I still don’t feel like tomorrow.

But in the words of the little orphan, Annie…”The sun will come out tomorrow!”

Or this case, my words will come out tomorrow.


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