Day 9.1 – My Biggest Ambition


My biggest ambition used to be to graduate from university a year early, go to a great law school on the east coast (Columbia or University of Toronto) and become a lawyer in one of three areas: Native rights, defense or child/youth law. Then some stuff happened that I didn’t handle as well as I should have (Read: I screwed up), I failed out of university and I discovered there was a whole lot more to life than all of that. I started discovering the world and realizing that more than anything I wanted to do two things: Travel and write.

However, as life goes on, things change and change and change as I experience life while existing in a bubble of Never Never Land. I’m still a student trying to finish my degree and I honestly don’t know what the hell I want to do with my life.

My biggest ambitions have turned from actually having a great career and doing something great with my life into something more selfish. Currently my biggest ambitions fall into 3 big goals: Cooking for myself 3 nights a week, saving up to spend 3-6 months living in New Orleans  and traveling a whole lot more than I already have.

Oh and maybe I’ll finish my degree in there somewhere and beat the Beep Test (a running fitness test), but in the mean time…it’s good to have goals, yeah?


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