Day 7.1 – An Opinion


One of the fun points in my career as a student has been the fact that I’ve be able to debate all manner of controversial issues with my peers. These issues range from the death penalty to native rights to abortion to gay marriage and polygamy and even into the realms of euthanasia. I naturally have opinions of all of these topics and can happily debate both sides of these topics. Actually, I naturally have opinions on lots of things and on lots of topics that people find offensive and are things you generally don’t talk about in public.

Like sex.

Now this blog as brought up some worries for me. The first worry is the fact that I post this blog to my Facebook page because I want to be able to share my writing with those who are close to me and I have a few younger cousins on Facebook. The next worry is the fact that I have family on my Facebook who might also read this blog. Now my biggest worry basically lays in the fact that I refuse to censor myself. If I have something to write or say, I’m going to write it or say it. Yes, I have my boundaries and won’t be writing anything horribly explicit on here, but still, I’m going to talk about things like sex, drugs, alcohol and all manner shenanigans that I’ve had over my growing up years. However, how will this change how my family and community see me?

I mean I know one of my aunts who raised me and who I spent almost every weekend with growing up is going to love me no matter what I do or say. And I honestly have no worry about what my mom will have to say since I’m already fairly open with her to begin with and I’m pretty sure that I couldn’t shock her anyway. Though I do have to wonder about anyone else?

I’m actually wondering this because of a conversation that I had recently with a friend about abortion. She is also a Criminology major and one of her assignments this semester is a debate on a major issue and she was deciding on which issue to pick. So we wound up talking about abortion. My personal deep down feeling is that I think a woman’s body is her own and she should be allowed to get an abortion if she wants one and should be allowed to get one with all possible haste. My friend was of the opinion that abortions should be heavily regulated. Her example was that if someone got knocked up accidentally then they should have to carry the baby to term and birth it unless she could prove that it would prove a major risk to her well being. This friend is also against the morning after pill, the depo provera shot and basically that isn’t the traditional pill.

She thinks that sex is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly so these steps should not be necessary. Her basic belief is that if we took away these contraceptive options, then maybe people would take sex more seriously and that this would solve a whole whack of problems existing in Canadian society.

I on the other hand believe that you should have to get a license to have a child and if you don’t have one you should be on one contraceptive like the pill and that there should be a pill for men too that inhibit their sperm. But that’s just my opinion and I think it’s a good one. Our world is quickly becoming over populated and well…sometimes some people should just not be allowed to procreate. Ever.

Eventually, my talks with my friend about abortion led into my reasons for being pro-abortion. My first and almost only reason is that I believe that a woman’s body is her own and she shouldn’t be forced to carry a child if she doesn’t want to. I don’t think that it should be used as a form of contraceptive because if you get knocked up enough, then you’re obviously a moron and the spawn of your loins is obviously meant to be so you should have it, but for the most part I think that if a woman finds herself pregnant, this should be an option. The best example of this is me.

Yes, me.

Since losing my virginity at the age of 18 in my very first semester of university, I’ve been sexually curious. And promiscuous. Now I’ve been on the pill since I was 16 to help control the flow of my period and I’ll admit, being on the pill has been handy since I believe in two forms of contraception at all times. However as the movie “Knocked Up” proved to us, sometimes condoms don’t make it on and sometimes a mans sperm goes where it’s actually meant to go. So I’ve come to terms with the fact that someday I may or may not end up pregnant. Now if you’ll focus on the part of this paragraph where I’ve called myself sexually promiscuous, you’ll know that I mean that I’ve had multiple partners.

Which makes me sound like a bad talk show waiting to happen where I attempt to figure out who my “baby-daddy” is.

So I’ve always been prepared for the possibility of getting knocked up. From ages 18-23, I knew that should a pee stick ever dare to tell me that I’m pregnant that I would abort that mission right away. I honestly believed that there is no way that I should be carrying a child. I was in no way mature enough, nor could I support a child should one decide to crawl up into my womb. However, now that I’m older, slightly more mature and healthy with next to no chance of giving birth to a child whose egg was soaked in alcohol first, I’m almost ok with the idea of being pregnant. I’ve had a couple of points in my life where I was ok with having kids, but now…

Not so much. However, I’m older and slightly more mature so I’ve come to the conclusion that if I ever wind up with a baby in my belly then I’ll stop and think about having it. This might be my biological clock ticking, but now I think that I’m at a point in my life where if an “Oops” happened, I could handle it and not royally screw up my life or the life of my loin cookie.

So I had this conversation with my friend and afterward asked her what she thought about abortion and she still insisted that people need to take sex more seriously and things like abortions wouldn’t need to exist.

She decided to debate the death penalty.

She also told me I need to take sex more seriously and I told her that it was rare for me to take anything seriously.

Naturally she rolled her eyes and accepted the fact that I’m probably never going to really grow up and I accepted the fact that she thinks I should be walking around in a chastity belt. And that’s what friend ship is about I think. We can talk about all manner of controversial subjects, but in the end we will both have our opinions and both of our opinions happen to agree on the fact that I should probably stay on the pill and avoid baking loin cookies.


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