Day 6.1 – Gone swimming


I’m trying to get back into shape, lose a little weight and overall have a healthier body. I personally think that my body is ok, but I’m heavier than I should be and every doctor that I come across wants to test me for diabetes. Congratulations to me though, I’m diabetes free and all of my current tests show that I am a healthy person with normal blood pressure, cholesterol and everything else. However, I would like to be able to run a full game of basketball game like I used to, so I’m getting back into shape.

Part of my routine is swimming twice a week.

Now normally I love swimming, but with my local pool I know that I have a very small window of time when swimming is ideal and the time that I went today and the time that I will be going for the rest of the semester is not ideal. In fact the time that I’m going sucks. And I won’t change that time because I know I have no discipline and won’t go at any other time other than right after classes end. So I’ll learn to deal but…

I’m still horrified by my work out session today. I arrived at the pool to find that one lane was blocked off for swimming laps while the rest of the pool was sectioned off for “Open Swim”, as the recreation centre called it. In the one lone lap lane there was a Hispanic woman running in place off to the side and 4 other swimmers swimming laps. That was fine by me, the lane wasn’t crowded and even if it was, I wanted to get in a solid swim before lessons started at 4.

Sadly once I was in the water and moving, the horrors began.

Firstly I just want to say that aside from me and the Hispanic woman, everyone else in the pool, the hot tub and anywhere else in the area was Asian creating a giant bowl of Asian soup. Most people wouldn’t see this as a problem, but at 2pm on a weekday I knew that these particular brand of Asian people were all probably old, first generation, fresh off the boat “Canadians”. Well actually, they were all probably first generation or fresh off the boat “Canadians” whether they were young or old. Now I’m not making this point to be a bitch, I’m making this point to point out the fact that I might as well have been swimming China. The cultural, socioeconomic and overall norms are weirdly different between an average non-Asian person and the people in the pool are different.

Very different.

Firstly, their idea of rude is different from mine. After steadily swimming for 10 minuets, two little old Asian ladies got into lap lanes and proceeded to slowly walk side by side in the shallow end talking to one another. While blocking off the entire lane. I thought this was rude and inconsiderate considering the fact that I was now sharing the lane with 6 other swimmers and had already been kicked once by one of them. What sucked more was the fact that these women would move out of the way for the other swimmers and they would smile and nod, but when I came around they would glare at me and not move. Not move an inch and force me to squeeze against the wall and shuffle past them.

After 10 minuets of this, I realized that I was getting ready to demand these two ladies get deported back to a country where their second child is illegal and overall lose my temper, so I got out of the lap lane and decided to run sprints in the smaller pool. If you’re out for a good work out, go run wind sprints in waist deep water.

Until an Asian lady with a baby gets in and you notice the water is this sickly brownish colour where the lady is holding her baby in the water.

At this point I went into the sauna to stretch and relax for a bit before heading home. Or at least that was my plan until I walked into the sauna and saw a group of 6 more Asians somehow taking up the entire room! A little Chinese man walked in behind me and they made room for him, but when I asked someone to move over a bit so that I could sit, I was met with a blank stare because…well are you surprised no one spoke English? I wasn’t.

What did surprise me was when glancing around the room as I stood and stretched, was the genitalia of one old man hanging out for all to see. He was obviously wearing boxers and obviously his junk had sneaked out through that little hole in the front to get some air.

At that point I quit. I left to go take a quick shower and go home where I could stretch in peace.

This was a bad choice. I should have skipped the shower. While rinsing off in the shower I was surrounded by nude Asian ladies of varying ages all scrubbing themselves in one way or another. Whatever right? Power to these ladies being ok with public nudity where I’m not.

I was ok with this until I saw one of the younger ladies across the shower area from me reach between her legs, pull out a blood tampon and throw it on floor and proceed to rub herself vigorously.

I really quit at that point. It was either just get dressed and leave, or start screaming at the horrors that I’d been subjected to just because I wanted to get a good work out in after class.


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