Day 4.1 – I got nothin’


I’m conscious of the fact that I should be writing. I was tempted not to make a post for today because I have nothing much of anything to write. However, that’s just a lame excuse. This isn’t going to be much of a blog post, but who cares? I’ve made a goal, I’m sticking to it and hopefully I’ll come out the other end a better writer.

Usually when I get smacked by this horrible thing people call writers block, I’ll simply not write. And I’ll wait and wait and wait until I have something in my head to write.

But maybe by forcing myself to write, I’ll force myself to really start writing?

On the upside…I have  a really fun idea for a children’s book in my head. I actually have most of it written too! Now I just need to add pictures and let myself giggle.



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