Day 3.1 – Just a lazy day


Today was just a lazy day for me. The most I accomplished was making chili and homemade fries for dinner and giving myself a facial with a honey mask that reminded me exactly why I don’t like honey. It’s too sticky and smells weird. The only upside to it was that it made my skin feel super clean after fifteen minuets and gave me a bit of a fun glow. Otherwise I spent the day relaxing, doing little arm, leg and ab work outs while I tried to read one of my text books and stared at a character outline hoping that I would come up with something brilliant to write today.

Sadly, I got nothing.

Happily, I know that days like these are going to happen where I won’t have much of anything to write and so I’ll sing that song from “Annie”…

“The sun will come out tomorrow…”


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