Day 1.1 – Adult Eating


Along side this whole writing goal thinger that I’m working on, I’m also working on trying to eat like a fully grown human being. Meaning, I’m attempting to prepare healthy meals that don’t involve Sapporo noodles or mushroom soup and crackers. So last night I sat down and actually planned out my food for this week and planned out my groceries for the week and into the next couple of weeks as I spread out non-perishable stuff. Not only did I plan out what I was eating, I planned out how much that I would be spending because I’m really trying to enforce this being a responsible human thing into my lifestyle.

So yay! I went grocery shopping today (Part one of two – I have to get my non-perishables tomorrow) and picked up what I needed for my dinner tonight, lunch tomorrow, plus breakfast stuff to last me into next week and dinner stuff for the rest of this week. Then I came home and made a super yummy and weirdly super filling sammich (I prefer “sammich” to “sandwich” because “sandwich” sounds awkward). I took the idea from a sammich called “My Big Fat Greek Sandwich” and made it how I wanted to make it because I couldn’t remember where I put the recipe for this beauty that is now a part of my regular menu.

I’m still calling it “By Greek Sammich”. Check it out.


  • Red onions ($0.88)
  • English cucumber ($2.49)
  • Yellow pepper ($2.07)
  • Green pepper ($0.81)
  • 2 Artisan bread rolls ($0.50)
  • Italian blend pre-mixed salad ($2.99)
  • Boneless/skinless chicken breast ($2.74 – based on 3 breasts in a pack that was $8.22 total)

Total: $12.48

What I did:

  • Cut up half the cucumber, yellow and green pepper into cubes and cut up a third of the onion. I tossed that in a container and shook it all up to get it mixed and then tossed in some Italian salad dressing to make a Greek (ish) salad. I skipped buying feta and Greek salad dressing because I wanted to buy other things like yogurt, frozen juice and milk.
  • While I was doing that I boiled a chicken breast. When that was done I used a couple of forks to pull and shred the chicken a part until it was all shredded and was what is apparently called “pulled chicken”. At least that’s what the recipe called this process if I remember it correctly.
  • When that was all said and done I cut a bread roll in half and partially hallowed out the top and filled it with my Greek (ish) salad. On the bottom I layered on the Italian blend salad and the “pulled chicken”. I squirted on a little bit more of the Italian dressing then closed up my sammich and rolled it tightly in a ziploc baggie and let it sit in my fridge for a bit to let the flavors get into the bread and chicken.
  • Finally I ate it and dubbed this the hardest and longest I have ever worked for a sammich.

On the upside it was super filling and my lunch is ready to go for tomorrow. And based off of my math (it might be wrong), each sammich cost $6.24 each to make though that doesn’t include my Italian dressing which I already had. Plus I have half a cucumber, half yellow pepper, half a green pepper and two-thirds of an onion left to make stuff with as well. Could I stretch that further? Could I cut the prices of this stuff down?

I know I can, I got lazy and instead of buying my veggies at one of the many cute Asian markets in my area, I paid extra and bought my veggies at a Safeway. I could have bought the chicken at a cheaper price, but I was determined to try this recipe, so I bought the cheapest chicken that I could find between Safeway and my corner grocery store and came home to make my new and fun sammich.

Now that I’ve tested out this recipe, I’m ok with making it. I mean, it is the longest and the hardest I’ve ever had to work for simple sammich, but it was worth it. It was filling, healthy and not disgustingly expensive and didn’t demand that I buy anything weird for that once specific cooking adventure. Instead I got ingredients that I could use later on for other things and these are items that I normally keep stocked so I won’t have to run off and buy anything special whenever I feel like having a Greek (ish) sandwhich.

Do you have any recipes like these that are simple and include items that are normally in your fridge? What’s a good go-to meal that you know you can make in a pinch if you run out of idea? Can you suggest anything that won’t have me burning my house down?


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