Entry 13 – 101 Things About Me


I did this once before on another blog and it was actually a lot of fun. It’s weird what you find out about yourself when you have to sit down and really think about it. So in all my narcissistic glory, here are 101 things about me:

  1. When I was 13 my arms were 5 feet 9 inches long. That’s how I knew I was going to grow another inch.
  2. When I was about 4 years old I was dance around in my room to “Strokin” by Clarence Carter.
  3. My first concert that I ever went to was Gob with guest stars Bowling For Soup (before they turned into a shitty teenie bopper punk band)
  4. I suck my thumb.
  5. My mom made me a blueberry pancake for breakfast.
  6. I have a cousin that is 3 days older than me…along with 100-odd other cousins in varying ages.
  7. I used to have a plantar wart on my right foot and would image little gnomes attacking it with pick axes until it fell off.
  8. I let one of my closest friends stick needles in my mouth…Don’t worry, she’s a dental hygienist.
  9. Pepsi is my preferred cola.
  10. I tan easily. Just put me under direct UV light and I’ll change colour in under 15 minuets.
  11. I have a doodle bear named Zoodle that my friend Ashlynn gave me in grade nine and I carry him just about everywhere with me.
  12. My friend Vanessa gave me a Cartman pillow when I was 23 and I drag him everywhere with me too.
  13. I’ve played basketball since I was 8 years old.
  14. I started playing softball when I was 5.
  15. The only reason why I started playing volleyball was because I was bored.
  16. Someday I want to backpack the world.
  17. In one softball season, I pitched in about 10 practices and 10 games and I beaned about 23 people.
  18. I live on a mountain.
  19. I’m afraid of clowns, though it is a managable fear.
  20. I refuse to eat tomatoes unless they’re in tomatoe sauce or ketchup.
  21. I love ketchup chips.
  22. I have a hand fetish.
  23. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me.
  24. No one has ever told me why the “birds and the bees talk” is about the birds and the bees.
  25. Bean bag chairs shock my rock.
  26. I love to say “shock my rock”; its my catch phrase.
  27. Me and my younger sister often feel each others pain.
  28. Driving across North America is one of my future goals.
  29. One of my favorite scents is fresh cut grass.
  30. I have a tattoo on my right shoulder of my favorite cartoon character.
  31. I’m getting a tattoo on my right wrist of a butterfly with devil horns.
  32. I love watching porn.
  33. I’m a hopeless romantic.
  34. I love the song “Bring Me Flowers” by Hope.
  35. I still love the Spice Girls.
  36. Pregnant bellies terrify me.
  37. I play Dungeons & Dragons Online.
  38. Dad and I used to play fight in grocery stores and people would give us funny looks because it looked like he was kicking my ass.
  39. Mom makes the best chocolate chip cookies ever.
  40. Nana makes the best penut butter cookies in the world.
  41. I am the fourth generation in a long line of women and sometimes I get scared that it’ll end here.
  42. My Grandma has over 100 descendants.
  43. I have size 10 feet…in mens sizes.
  44. I have a hammock in my room.
  45. My dad and I can’t play fight in front of our dog, Moose because Moose will bite me.
  46. I love pickles
  47. My younger sister once bet me that I couldn’t keep my virginity until I was 21. I lost and we rented a movie with that she won.
  48. I love eating watermelon.
  49. My biggest pet peeve are people who won’t leave me alone when I’m in the last 5 chapters of a good book.
  50. I make my own jewelry.
  51. I own over 1000 books that I’ve collected since I was 16.
  52. I have a younger sister named Tiffany and we can recite whole sections of Winnie the Pooh cartoons together.
  53. My major is Criminology.
  54. I had a dream last night about getting a tattoo and the tattoo sucked but it didn’t hurt at all getting it.
  55. I used to work for Vera’s Burger Shack and I once accidentally punted a burger into the dining area.
  56. I really really have to pee.
  57. I just went pee.
  58. The song “Viva Forever” by the Spice Girls just ended.
  59. I enjoy bondage because it helps me learn to sit still and lets me have a strange insight into myself as a person.
  60. Secretly (not so much now) I’m terrified of what I’m going to do when I finish my degree.
  61. I used to have a cat named Shotgunn.
  62. My cousin Phil used to make the best Mr. Noodle ever. Ever.
  63. My older cousin Kyle used to make us watch the move “Congo” over and over again when we were kids. It’s now one of my favorite movies of all time.
  64. I tell everyone I love them whenever I say bye to them because it might be the last time I get to say something to them.
  65. I used to have a blankey I called my Softie but now its all in pieces, but I still sleep with a piece of it.
  66. My mom has to keep emergency pieces of my Softie in case I lose one.
  67. Men who are naturally dominant turn me on.
  68. I hate running though all the sports I play are running sports.
  69. The only sports I’ll watch in TV are NCAA Basketball and Rugby.
  70. Yo Yo’s amuse me.
  71. I used to own a silver Saturn SCI that I named Burrita (Loosely translated it means “Little donkey”).
  72. I used to have dreadlocks that went halfway down my back.
  73. My hair is currently the shortest it’s been since I was born.
  74. I curse and swear way too often, but I’m slowly working that out of my system.
  75. My sister and I used to think that putting a tie on meant we were dressed up.
  76. I still have the boxers I made in grade 8.
  77. Pretty sure my mom has all the teeth my sister and I have ever lost.
  78. Sometimes when I’m driving I’ll stop to look at a rainbow to make sure I’m not near the end of it because I don’t want to be attacked by a leprechaun.
  79. Midgets scare me and when I see them, sometimes I want to kick them.
  80. I still know all the words to the song “4 Hugs A Day”.
  81. I used to sleep with a basketball.
  82. When I was about 16 I had a black bear hampster named Cougar who lived in a bird cage.
  83. My favorite colour is purple. Its also my fave colour to dye my hair.
  84. My nose is uber senstive. I can smell a lot of things before others can.
  85. I liked living in dorms. I loved having that one little room all to myself. It was just right for me.
  86. I thought the 4th of July fireworks that I saw when I was in Colorado were amazing and better than the ones I’ve seen in BC.
  87. During my grade 12 year I coached a Jr. Boys Basketball team.
  88. One of my favorite quotes is “Life ain’t always beautiful, but it sure is a beautiful ride.”
  89. My eyes are my best feature, I think.
  90. I love that my mom and I have the same beauty mark under one of our eyes.
  91. The left side of my life is  pierced.
  92. I got my tongue pierced with one of my roommates as a bonding thing.
  93. I once went swimming in a frog pond…It was really just a stinky over sized puddle but I still had fun.
  94. When I was a baby my dad tossed me into the ceiling rather than the classic dropping me on my head.
  95. I get jealous when my dad pays too much attention to other kids.
  96. “Mariella” by Kate Nash is one of my all time favorite songs.
  97. I sing that song from the South Park movie that’s supposed to help the kids stop swearing while I cook somtimes.
  98. I just realized the dirtiness of the title “South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut”.
  99. My family has two dogs, Betsy and Moose and one feral cat, Bob.
  100. It only took me about an hour to do this.
  101. I still have no idea what I’m doing with this blog.



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