Day 7 – Missed


In all the greatness of Christmas Eve…I forgot to write! So here is Day 7…and hour and a half late.

Ever since I was about 10 years old I’ve been going Christmas shopping with my dad on Christmas Eve. I actually don’t remember when we haven’t taken part of this oh so fun Christmas tradition. Dad wakes me up early, I get dragged to Kamloops and we shop for mom. In past years he’s simply handed me a stack of cash and let me go crazy, other years we gone from store to store to store searching for the perfect gift for mom. This year, we knew what we wanted to get her so all we had to do was drive to all the different stores to get it all and then finish up our day by going to get mom her Christmas flowers.

After that we all came home and I watched TV with my dad and then gave our small dog, Betsy, her Christmas bath and wrapped moms presents.

This is a disgustingly short entry…but what can I say?

Tis the season to be with family and forget all other shenanigans.


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