Day Two – Wingman of Mayhem


My younger sister is one of my best and closest friends. She’s fifteen months younger than me and in addition to being a great friends, she’s always been my Wingman of Mayhem. The one that is there for all of my shenanigans and has had some shenanigans of her own. In fact, we grew up so close that we like to pretend that we’re twins…well, fraternal twins.

If you’ve ever seen us together you’ll know that my sister and I are the ying and yang of each other. Where I have darker skin to her lighter skin, she is lean and wiry where I have curves and jiggly bits. Growing up she would claim that I was the devil where she was the angel and how we dressed reflected that a lot of times in a stereotypical sense. I wore, and still wear, a lot of black and darker colours while she wore a lot of white. How she kept it clean, I’ll never know, but her whites stayed very white while my darks tended to fade and wind up with all manner of stuff on them. Obviously my sister was neat, tidy and methodical to my cluttered, messy and helter skelter way of being. In my sisters world everything has it’s place and it’s the same in my world too where everything has it’s place…that place just happens to be the floor.

We’ve always had fun together and the times we’ve fought have been few and far between. Lately, our fights probably don’t happen because we no longer live together, or even live in the same city. She lives in the city close to our childhood home with her girlfriend, while I jump back and forth between living with my parents and living in the Greater Vancouver Area while finishing my degree. And most times that we’ve seen each other, one or the other, or both of us have been exhausted or tired just from work, life, school or whatever it is that tires people out these days.

Today was one example. My sister drove out to our parents home just so she could set up and decorate our tree. It’s been the tradition/habit for the past forever that Tiffany sets up and decorates the tree with minimal help from me. Why? Because she’s the artistic one and has a great way of using space creatively while I’m more academic and have a great way of filling paper with words creatively. She was obviously exhausted and I was sleepy too…my semester of all nighters, one stressed out week after another and tests, tests, tests and more tests had finally caught up with me and backhanded me like I owed it money.

Which I didn’t! I paid for my semester of English lectures just like every other person paid for their semesters of whatever it is other people take.

Anyway, as is the way of the Flying Turtle Sisters, Tiffany and I could have easily zonked out in the living room. Our house is always kept hella warm and there are plenty of nice spots to sleep. Normally she and I curl up on a couch each or Tiff will drag out this old fold out miniature love seat and set up a little nest in it. We’ll put on a movie or a TV series and eventually we’ll do what comes naturally to us…

Like this one time during our traditional Easter weekend basketball tournament where we fell asleep watching “Sleeping Beauty” for the second or third time that weekend. We were trying to watch the movie the whole way through but we just kept…falling asleep. I think people call that irony or something similar.

Another time after we’d finished the before mentioned basketball tournament, we were both home, had all of our Easter candy and were watching “Sex In the City”. I fell asleep on the little fold out miniature love seat while Tiff zonked out on the sofa. Naturally we’d consumed an abnormal amount of chocolate while watching Keri get her heartbroken yet again.

Admittedly, we tend to fall asleep after major sport things like the Easter weekend tournament while watching movies because those are very natural times for us to zonk out. I’ll also admit that most of the time it’s me that passes out because Tiff is weird and rarely naps. However, some of our best sister moments have been when we’re drooling all over one sleeping apparatus in our living room or another and “watching” movies together.

It’s also probably why we don’t fight too often.

P.S We got the tree decorated and I helped. We wound up giggling over all the homemade decorations that we made when we were ages 4-11. We both love those decorations because they mean something and say something special to us. At one point we were pulling out those decorations and saying things like “And this says I like glitter! Lots and lots of glitter!” and “This says that I just hit my creative stage.” and “This says I was a 4 year old trying to copy my older sister!”


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