Day One – Tangent of the First Order


Some guy on another blog a few years ago made a New Year’s prediction that I would finish my degree and wind up writing poetry for the Times. He was wrong. I didn’t finish my degree, I can’t write poetry to save my life even though I used to love it and I’m definitely not writing for anyone other than myself right now.

I met another guy on that same blog site almost 5 years ago and I remember in one of his posts he wrote about how one author said that if you want to write then you should write everyday. He said that it doesn’t have to be anything great, it just has to be something. I clearly don’t remember that post clearly, but it’s the idea that I remember and it’s the idea of writing daily that has me enthralled.

Actually, it’s both of these ideas that have me deeply enthralled and bouncing around in my seat. I like the idea of being a writer and I like the idea of actually doing something with my writing. However, I know that it needs some work. Lots of work, actually. I don’t follow proper grammatical rules, sometimes I use words like “awesomesauce”, “kinda”, “gotta” and “nomnomnomnomnom” and I abuse the “…”. On the upside, my spelling is rarely corrected and I know how to sound out my words in a number of different languages. Despite the clear and obvious reasons for becoming a great writer (I can spell, that’s half the battle right?), I know that I need practice and I should probably practice writing for the masses.

So here I am…writing. About what? I don’t know. I know that all the blog sites say that in order to become popular you should write on one specific subject, but I’m going to break that rule. Instead I’m going to write something every day. I might not be huge,  insightful or particularly interesting, but the point is to write and write and write. This will be like in high school when I wanted to be the best basketball player in all of the universe. I practiced every day, whether it was just running (I learned on a Lute Olsen video that I should be able to run a mile every day to be a good post), shooting free throws or practicing my drop step around a folded mat. And my ego says that I got really good at that, so why not apply the same concept to my scribbles?

Well because I’m trying to finish my degree is a good reason. I should really be focusing on school…but I should also do what I’m passionate about and I’m so much more passionate about writing than I am about taking a stats course and two science courses so I can get a pretty piece of paper. Yes, I want to finish my degree, but at the same time I just really want to write.

So here I go…Writing something everyday for a week.

Yes, a week. I’m aiming to write something a day for a year, but let’s start with a week and see where it goes…


3 thoughts on “Day One – Tangent of the First Order

  1. Writing every day is definitely where one should start.

    Start what? A lot of things: a writing career, an organizing your thoughts career, an expressing yourself career…

    Okay, so most of those aren’t careers.

    Good luck anyway!

  2. I have been checking every day for an update and nothing. I know that these show up in your email so i posted here.

    Is everything okay? Do you need a dirty joke?

    Q: When do you kick a midget in the balls?

    A: When he is standing next to your girlfriend saying her hair smells nice


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